• Préservation et valorisation des patrimoines audiovisuels

Nous numérisons vos enregistrements audio/vidéo et vos films pour les préserver de l’obsolescence.

  • Laboratoire Audio Vidéo

Nous finalisons, formatons et livrons vos contenus de façon sûre aux diffuseurs et aux plateformes de VOD.

  • Adaptation et Accessibilité

Nous adaptons vos contenus pour qu’ils soient accessibles aux mal voyants et aux malentendants

We are committed to servicing our clients with the expertise needed to meet the challenge of the digital era.

Your archives are worth gold… but how long for?

From 2 inches to High Definition, give your AV archives the best chance to resist through time!

At VectraCom, we know that every archive is unique and requires particular care and attention.

Our experience allows us to offer “sur mesure” services associated to industrial processes in order to meet your financial requirements

  • AV archives inventory
  • Technical advice for preservation plans
  • Master tapes storage
  • Tape cleaning and preparation before transfer
  • Real time digital audio and video restoration
  • Digitization of any audio, video and film format
  • Multi simultaneous digitizations (high and low compression rate)
  • Metadata generation and indexing
  • File mass storage
  • Media Asset Management solutions