NEXYAD est une société de haute technologie fondée par deux ingénieurs Pierre DA SILVA DIAS et Gérard YAHIAOUI en 1995, qui a développé des méthodes innovantes et éprouvées de traitement numérique des données, du signal, et des images. L’entreprise déploie ses compétences dans 4 grands domaines exigeants :

  • Automobile et Transports (NEXYAD Automotive & Transportation),
  • Moyens d’essais et de tests (NEXYAD Testing),
  • Banque/Assurances, Marketing et Economie (NEXYAD Analytics),
  • Cinéma (NEXYAD Visual Effects). 

NEXYAD is a French high-tech team founded by mathematicians, engineers, and researchers, focused on Artificial Intelligence for onboard, real time driving risk computing.

NEXYAD developed the only tool in the world that computes, onboard, in real time, at every moment, the risk that driver is currently taking. It can be used to alert human driver (vocal alert) with anticipation and it has been shown that it reduces accident rate by 20%.

If driver is an autonomous driving system or an ADAS, then giving it the awareness of the driving risk that it is currently taking makes the autonomous vehicle obviously much safer.

To operate this, NEXYAD proposes an Artificial Intelligence software component (an API) of data fusion called SafetyNex, plus 3 add-on software components of deep learning-based computer vision called VisiNex, RoadNex, ObstaNex, that enhance the power of anticipation of SafetyNex by measuring some additional factors of risk (lacks of visibility, shape of the road, obstacles). The three add-on computer vision software components are not mandatory and SafetyNex brings a big value in itself to markets :

  • aftermarket (volume 1 billion vehicles worldwide): fleet owners, fleet managers, and motor insurers earn a lot of money if they reduce accident rate by 20%. Return On Investment (ROI) is big and easy to calculate.
  • new vehicles market (volume 100 million new vehicles per year): this market can be separated into two parts : First, the Vocal Dring Assistants (VDA) proposed by IT companies like Google, Amazon, IBM, Nuance, … to car manufacturers, and that discuss in natural language with driver ; of course vocal alerts of risk may turn their valuable AI-based infotainement products into VDAs that can save your life. And Second, the Autonomous Driving Systems that become obviously much safer if they are « aware » of the driving risk they are currently taking.

SafetyNex is already under integration by customers for mass-volume deployment.

We Save Lives.